Lets get used to heaven, before we may enter it.
If you think about it, heaven is for the people that people remember for their
good attitude towarts other people and our ONLY earth.

I survived what defernatly kills other people,
I drove a motorcycle and I hit a car and then I flew....pretty far I'd say .. 72 meters
but I forgot both wings and also a parasuite :-) so I had a HARD landing.
I'v e been through a long and hard fight to get back to life, and wasted 15 years on trying to
find a way to prove Mr. Albert Einstein wrong concerning his words on eternal movement (Magnetia mobile).

The afternoon of November the 29th 2015, I chose to try to find anoter way to produce clean Co-2 free
energy. I took me around 5-6 minutes to find what I chose to call Aqua-vigor or "Water-energy" and thats
what I try to populate on this page.

You'll get the oportunity to read how to produce CLEAN energy around 1 month from
now, today is November 22 2017.

I, like everyone else, would of course like to be payed for this invention, but I prefer to help our only
planet, that's why I won't force a price, I'd rather like it to be used around the world to power transports
and countries. I would like to recieve, lets call it, presents from different users of Aqua-vigor and I'll put their
names on this homepage.

GAIA give us life ! Lets treat her RIGHT !


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